Getting rid of mold damage to your home

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Mold is a fungi that would normally grow in a surrounding where it is damp and also humid. If you do not keep your house dry and very well ventilated you will be certain to start seeing mold growing especially in carpets, the showers and mostly the basement of your house. Water seepage in your home will also encourage mold to grow. Some types of mold can be a health risk to you and your family, therefore it is prudent to keep your home free of any kind of mold.

Once mold starts to grow in your home, it can quickly spread to the entire house from its source causing a lot of damage which will be costly to get rid of and have a permanent solution. It is therefore cost effective to prevent any mold growth in your home by having a dry and properly aired house. However, should your home be affected by the mold, have a professional company remove and prevent the comeback of the mold using the guiding procedures below:

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1. It is important to know which kind of mold has grown in your home so that you may be able to know the correct guidelines of handling it during the elimination. Mold testing can help identify the type of mold you are dealing with.

2. Wearing preventive clothing is highly recommended so as not to spread mold and also to protect skin from coming into contact with the mold.

3. Remove anything that is wet like the rugs or even furniture. Use a professional water damage restoration company to dry out the contents of your home.

4. If the ceilings and walls are moistened they should also be removed.

5. Check if any pipes are leaking water in any area of the house and have them repaired.

6. Any upholstery that has mold on it should be disposed completely.

7. Scrub surfaces with a detergent in water that is hot. You will also need to disinfect the surfaces once cleaned using bleach.

8. Rinse the surfaces using water and allow them to dry quickly so as to discourage mold from growing again.

9. Paint the surfaces that had mold after it is dry completely.

10. Any clothes with mold can easily be washed and dried.

11. Use a vacuum to dust off all other surfaces that had no contamination.

12. All other preventive clothing that was used during the cleaning should be thrown away in sealed bags.

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Repair all leakages around the home like the roofs and even the gutters.

– Watch out for any dampness.

– Ensure your home is not humid because this will encourage the mold to grow.

– Dry any wetness on surfaces all the time.

– Close all windows when your air conditioner is switched on.

– Open the windows in bathrooms if the mold keeps appearing.

– Reduce moisture in the basement.

– Soak your children’s toys using bleach in order to kill any mold on them and sanitize them in a dishwasher.

– Clean your toilet using bleach and flush it to clean all bleach.

– Keep the rugs in the bathroom dry always.

– Remove shampoo bottles from the shower when you are done using them.

It is easier to prevent mold damage to your home rather than eliminating it after growth. Ensure your home is mold free by keeping it dry at all times. Call a local mold remediation company if you have any doubts as to the extent of damage in your home.

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